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Hello everyone!  I'm Amelia, but everyone calls me Mel.  (heck, there aren't really a lot of good nicknames for Amelia...)  I've been lurking for a while, but only recently gathered the pluck to post.  I'm, as usual, a decade behind the times, since it was only October of last year when I watched the Matrix for the first time.  I instantly fell in love with the movies, and with the pairing of Smith and Neo.  (And Hugo Weaving too, but that's another story....)

Anyhoo, I come bearing a little giftie to try and breathe some life back into the community.  Behold the very silly love child of my insanity and procrastination!
(just change the hxxp to http)
Also, there's like a minute of nothing at the end... I'm very sorry.

And now, I have a teeny request: I've heard wonderful things about the story Sentient... unfortunately, when I found the entry here, it said I couldn't access it. :(  Does anyone have a copy they could send me, please?

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