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Slave Chap. 1 - Wait

'First person thoughts'


The Special Agent named Smith raised a brown eye-brow at the calmour in the hall-way. Looked over at one of his oldest slaves and motioned it outside to see what was taking so long. He had been waiting for the newest slave for over two hours. It was a gift from the Machina Lord Deus for his work subduing and capturing the Rebels.

'Surely the new slave can not be that strong. Then again I have yet to see this slave, maybe it is one of the Rebels I captured previously. Perhaps it will be worth keeping as entertainment.'

Zion's army was called the Rebellion. It was the only human nation brought into the Matrix that had refused to submit to Machina rule. As such Zionite slaves gave one a higher status then simply having a Torion, or some other nationality as a slave. Kept in a sigh of impatient when the doors opened, finally his wait was over. Two lower Agents dressed in gray suits, unlike his own black suit, threw the slave onto the marble floor and left.

Walked over slowly to examine it. To the cold, blue-eyes it did not look particularly strong. In fact it looked even weaker than the rest of it's race, just pale skin stretched over bone. He sneered down at it "For all the Rebels I captured this is my reward ? A useless sack of bones, I deserve far better then this."

"No, you don't deserve anything."

'I did not just hear that.' Growled down at it "What did you just say ?"

It raised it's head to look at him and it spat "You. Don't. Deserve. Anything."

When he laughed it glared at him with rage in it's dark-eyes. There was a bit more to it's appearance than skin and bone, the short, black-hair was full of dust. It had become injured by throwing itself onto the gravel outside the manor and into the walls, red cuts and bruises covered it.

'Hmpf, they could not even bother to clean it. Well, it might be worth keeping, none of the others have talked back after all.'

"Quite the words from a thing that was captured from a country of disgusting slums."

If anything the glare increased as it said "I wasn't captured in Zion, stupid bastard."

He ignored it and called "Take this one to it's new quarters, I want it made presentable."

His white-haired slave shuffled back in "Yes, Master.", then pulled his newest addition up.

Noticed that unlike with the Agents it did not struggle this time as it was led out.

Smith walked back over to the window, he sighed as he looked out at the city. At the lower A.I's and Machina with their collared slaves. 'Someday it will all be mine. I just need more time to gather my forces and support from the other Special Agents.'

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