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Slave Chap. 2 - Quarters

Neo was surprised the Agents hadn't killed him for being difficult. He glared back over his shoulder at the program. He'd almost think it looked amused by him as it turned away. 'I've never met a thing as arrogant as that it's so going to die. Zion is not a slum, not completely. I need to find Morpheus, since we lost him it's getting closer to being over-run every hour. Commander Lock is useless, he's gotten plenty of our people caught.'

Looked over at the old, green-eyed man who had a red symbol on his shoulder. 'Hey, he's a Torion. Maybe he could use his magic to help, or try and teach me.' The old Torion had a collar like every slave. Well, except for him currently but he wasn't one, not until he broke. That would never happen. Stared at the collar, he'd never seen anything like it. It was a simple piece of brass with a pale sapphire 'S' in the center.

Torions' were nation-cousins of Zion, all of them had red symbols somewhere on their bodies. Where as Zion had lost most of it's magic, some people were still born with blue symbols but he wasn't one of them. 'If I'd had magic maybe I wouldn't have gotten caught.'

"Hey, who was that creep ?"

No awsner from the old man who stopped and stared at him. Instead he was pulled along a confusing maze of marble hallways to a darker corridor. A single door was set in the wall, surrounded by gold images of humans on all-fours like animals. It made him angry, made him want to run back and punch the smug thing. This was the slave quarters, his new home.

The Torion opened the door and pushed him inside. He stared around the dark, cramped room. There were about thirty people and only ten beds, another door led somewhere else. A kid with red-hair stared at him and said "You're new."

He responded "Just tell me. Who was that thing ?"

Startled as the old man spoke " Don't call the Master that, you'll only get us killed. Zamie, show him to the cleaning area."

Zamie, the kid, nodded and walking up asked "Did you really fight back ?"

"Yeah." People around the room gasped when he said it.

'Are they really that used to being slaves ? I couldn't imagine...this is horrible. It's gotta stop and I'll do it even if no one else will. Ouch, slamming into the wall wasn't that smart. Of course, seemed like a good idea.'

His body had started to sting and he finally felt the bruises. Followed Zamie slowly over to and out the other door, into a fenced off area. It was a small surprisingly clean pond surrounded by grass. It was the first time he'd seen the fully green kind, since Zion's plains had been turned into a desert. Except for small, yellowish patches on the mountain and volcanno-sides. A breeze blew through, but instead of being clean it smelled terrible, he almost choked on it. 'Even stale air is better than this.'

Neo waded into the freezing water, then submerged himself and scrubbed at the wounds. He'd been a solider for years, he knew this part would be worse then the torture. 'I'll get back to Zion, I'm not going to die here and neither is Zamie.'

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