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The First Church of Smith and Neo [entries|friends|calendar]
The First Church of Smith and Neo

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(Do you hear that, Mister Anderson?)

Slave Chap. 2 - Quarters [26 Mar 2014|07:47pm]


Neo was surprised the Agents hadn't killed him for being difficult. He glared back over his shoulder at the program. He'd almost think it looked amused by him as it turned away. 'I've never met a thing as arrogant as that it's so going to die. Zion is not a slum, not completely. I need to find Morpheus, since we lost him it's getting closer to being over-run every hour. Commander Lock is useless, he's gotten plenty of our people caught.'

Looked over at the old, green-eyed man who had a red symbol on his shoulder. 'Hey, he's a Torion. Maybe he could use his magic to help, or try and teach me.' The old Torion had a collar like every slave. Well, except for him currently but he wasn't one, not until he broke. That would never happen. Stared at the collar, he'd never seen anything like it. It was a simple piece of brass with a pale sapphire 'S' in the center.

Torions' were nation-cousins of Zion, all of them had red symbols somewhere on their bodies. Where as Zion had lost most of it's magic, some people were still born with blue symbols but he wasn't one of them. 'If I'd had magic maybe I wouldn't have gotten caught.'

"Hey, who was that creep ?"

No awsner from the old man who stopped and stared at him. Instead he was pulled along a confusing maze of marble hallways to a darker corridor. A single door was set in the wall, surrounded by gold images of humans on all-fours like animals. It made him angry, made him want to run back and punch the smug thing. This was the slave quarters, his new home.

The Torion opened the door and pushed him inside. He stared around the dark, cramped room. There were about thirty people and only ten beds, another door led somewhere else. A kid with red-hair stared at him and said "You're new."

He responded "Just tell me. Who was that thing ?"

Startled as the old man spoke " Don't call the Master that, you'll only get us killed. Zamie, show him to the cleaning area."

Zamie, the kid, nodded and walking up asked "Did you really fight back ?"

"Yeah." People around the room gasped when he said it.

'Are they really that used to being slaves ? I couldn't imagine...this is horrible. It's gotta stop and I'll do it even if no one else will. Ouch, slamming into the wall wasn't that smart. Of course, seemed like a good idea.'

His body had started to sting and he finally felt the bruises. Followed Zamie slowly over to and out the other door, into a fenced off area. It was a small surprisingly clean pond surrounded by grass. It was the first time he'd seen the fully green kind, since Zion's plains had been turned into a desert. Except for small, yellowish patches on the mountain and volcanno-sides. A breeze blew through, but instead of being clean it smelled terrible, he almost choked on it. 'Even stale air is better than this.'

Neo waded into the freezing water, then submerged himself and scrubbed at the wounds. He'd been a solider for years, he knew this part would be worse then the torture. 'I'll get back to Zion, I'm not going to die here and neither is Zamie.'

(Do you hear that, Mister Anderson?)

Slave Chap. 1 - Wait [26 Mar 2014|04:39pm]


'First person thoughts'


The Special Agent named Smith raised a brown eye-brow at the calmour in the hall-way. Looked over at one of his oldest slaves and motioned it outside to see what was taking so long. He had been waiting for the newest slave for over two hours. It was a gift from the Machina Lord Deus for his work subduing and capturing the Rebels.

'Surely the new slave can not be that strong. Then again I have yet to see this slave, maybe it is one of the Rebels I captured previously. Perhaps it will be worth keeping as entertainment.'

Zion's army was called the Rebellion. It was the only human nation brought into the Matrix that had refused to submit to Machina rule. As such Zionite slaves gave one a higher status then simply having a Torion, or some other nationality as a slave. Kept in a sigh of impatient when the doors opened, finally his wait was over. Two lower Agents dressed in gray suits, unlike his own black suit, threw the slave onto the marble floor and left.

Walked over slowly to examine it. To the cold, blue-eyes it did not look particularly strong. In fact it looked even weaker than the rest of it's race, just pale skin stretched over bone. He sneered down at it "For all the Rebels I captured this is my reward ? A useless sack of bones, I deserve far better then this."

"No, you don't deserve anything."

'I did not just hear that.' Growled down at it "What did you just say ?"

It raised it's head to look at him and it spat "You. Don't. Deserve. Anything."

When he laughed it glared at him with rage in it's dark-eyes. There was a bit more to it's appearance than skin and bone, the short, black-hair was full of dust. It had become injured by throwing itself onto the gravel outside the manor and into the walls, red cuts and bruises covered it.

'Hmpf, they could not even bother to clean it. Well, it might be worth keeping, none of the others have talked back after all.'

"Quite the words from a thing that was captured from a country of disgusting slums."

If anything the glare increased as it said "I wasn't captured in Zion, stupid bastard."

He ignored it and called "Take this one to it's new quarters, I want it made presentable."

His white-haired slave shuffled back in "Yes, Master.", then pulled his newest addition up.

Noticed that unlike with the Agents it did not struggle this time as it was led out.

Smith walked back over to the window, he sighed as he looked out at the city. At the lower A.I's and Machina with their collared slaves. 'Someday it will all be mine. I just need more time to gather my forces and support from the other Special Agents.'

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Bringing Me to Life [21 Sep 2013|01:59pm]

Smith/Neo songfic set to Evanescence 'Bring Me to Life'

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down into my core where I’ve become so numb
Without a soul my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold

Smith did not know how but some times in the fights , before this last one with his copies.

He felt as if Mr. Anderson, Neo he prefered, could see into him.

Almost read his soul if he had one. Perhaps he did indeed have one.

All that he knew was when ever He wasn't around he always felt cold. Alone.

If only he could tell the pretty One how he felt.

If he did that then perhaps Neo could help him find his soul.

Wake me up inside
(I can’t wake up)

How he did love the pretty little human. It felt constantly as if he were asleep. As if he needed to Wake Up, like the Rebels said.

But he could not wake up. The only times that he felt he were alive was when those big , dark eyes were watching him.

Those beautiful eyes. Sometimes he felt in his dreams , that he fell into enternal unending darkness.

As if that unending darkness were his "life", coming undone around him.

The nothing he had become, he needed to wake up. To feel alive.

The only way he escaped those dreams, was Neo's voice telling him to 'Wake up.'

(Save me)
Call my name and save me from the dark

Neo could help him, if only Smith could find him. Without fighting this time, he did not want to hurt Neo not any more.

He had found Neo in that Programming Hallway. Curiously alone, without Her, without Trinity.

He knew that he needed to tell Neo, now that he really knew. Knew what he felt.

"Mr. Anderson" wary pause , reply "Smith, my name is Neo"

"Hmm, of course, Neo. What exactly are you doing here, all by yourself."

Then as if Fate, truely existed, Neo's cell phone rang.

"Can I?"

"But, of course."

He anwsered it , then cursed sharply.

"But I can't make it out that quickly!"

Neo shut the phone, "What is it?, Neo"

"Apparently, I get to die again in a few seconds."

"What?, No.No." Smith heard himself say.

Then Neo fell to the floor. I knelt down, feeling once again cold.

Like I could not breath, though I did not need to.

"No. No. Neo , Wake Up. Wake up you can not Leave Me. You can't."

I , I need you to live. To Bring Me to Life.

Before I come undone
Save me from the nothing I’ve become

Was I only playing my own mind. Even if he does' come back, he would never love me.

I so wanted to be Real, for him. But how could I if I didn't have a soul.

I was nothing. Truely nothing. I'm dead without you. Not just cold , but frozen. Without knowing if you love me.

" Come on, darling, wake up. Live. My life you have to live.
Or I'm dead as well. Please, Neo come back."

Looking into the staring dark, nearly black eyes. Compeletly blank. Compeletly utterly Wrong.

Trapped in the unending darkness , but this time it was Waking. Unescapable.

Reach out a hand , run it through the short, brown/black hair. It was almost always messy when ever he saw it.

Contrasting so sharply with the pale skin, so beautifully.
Neo always looked nice. Even in death.


(I've been living a lie, there's nothing inside) Frozen inside without your touch
Without your love, darling

Smith felt as if he had been sleeping for a thousand years , only to die after realizing the most important thing to him.

"There must be some way you can come back. Open my eyes, come back from the darkness.

From my darkness, be in front of me again. Bring me back to Life."

Save me from nothing. I can't live without you.


Got to open my eyes to everything
Without a thought, without a voice, without a soul

" Neo come back, I... , I love you!"

Neo blinked. Pushed himself up , looked around confused.

"Let , let me think Smith, give me a few days."

Then Neo was up running away. I wanted to follow him. I so wanted to, but if he needed to think about it so be it.

Hopefully , Neo would feel the same.

For the next few days , Smith felt perpetually frozen. Perpetually asleep.

He could not wake up like he wanted to.

Neo found him a few days later in a Park.


Don't let me die here
There must be something more

Smith could see Neo was nervous. The dark eyes were bright with it, he shifted his weight to his other side.

"Smith. I know that I heard you say that You Love Me. It took me these few days to figure out how I felt.
About that. About You. Smith you don't know how shocked I was.
I couldn't believe it at first. I think I refused too. That what I wanted, could come true.
I always thought to myself 'No, No it would never work, he'd rather kill you.', I never thought 'What if he loves me? Loves me back?.'
I should actually say it. I Love You, Smith. "


Bring me to life
The words echoed in his head. 'I Love You,Smith' like a broken record. A good broken record, if there was such a thing.

Suddenly the feeling of unending Darkness faded as his name echoed again in Neo's voice.
Like in his Dreams, but this was the Waking World. No longer coming undone.

Once again calling my name. Once again saving me from the darkness.

I could not stop myself then.

Finding my Soul returned to me.

"I Love You too Neo"

Catching him, dark eyes staring into me.

No longer frozen, I was alive.

I kissed him.

I should have done that So much sooner.

The End



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Привет [20 Sep 2013|06:30pm]

Я пришёл с миром. То есть с картинкой...
Read more...Collapse )

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Братишки, смотрите, что я принес [03 Sep 2013|11:27pm]

Здесь есть кто-нибудь?

(Do you hear that, Mister Anderson?)

Neo/Smith Collages [05 Aug 2013|08:02pm]

Neo Smith lightning'How enlightning.'
Neo Smith Together'Suprise its raining, Love.'

'Are you Serious?'   Matrix green border collage_photocat

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Fan Fic Trailer - for Capture and a Release from chapters' 1-4 [05 Jul 2013|12:12pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hope people enjoy it.

(Do you hear that, Mister Anderson?)

Another fic, Watching. [11 May 2013|04:59pm]

[ mood | Wondering? ]

From my Fanfiction.net account. Please read leave a review,comment. What ever feedback you want. Please look at my other stories as well.

Pairing:Sort of implied slash Smith/Neo
Rating: K
Summary:Smith wondering, watching Neo.


(Do you hear that, Mister Anderson?)

Intro and Fic Post [11 May 2013|01:38pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Hi I'm Heather Leanne Giesbrecht.I have Aspberger Syndrome.
I like to write fanfic's , mostly Matrix, or crossover Slash.
As an Aspie it seems my main Obsession is The Matrix, okay and Keanu Reeves.

Genre: Fantasy, Crossover- The Matrix/The Bible
Rating:Teen, religious content for christianty
In advance Thanks for reading!

Fic Parts 1 and 2
An Archangel, a Vampire and an Ex-Agent http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9270428/1/An-Archangel-a-Vampire-and-an-Ex-Agent

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Chapter Three of a book I'm writing entitled "Treats." [06 Jun 2012|11:19pm]

The Matrix
The first weird thing we see in the Matrix is Trinity putting her hand up to stop the truck when she’s in the phone booth. A last second attempt to stop the oncoming truck with a power that she does not possess. It almost looks like she’s playing pretend.
Then we’re introduced to Thomas Anderson, or “Neo.” Tom lives alone in an apartment by himself. He is very attractive. So much so, that he looks like the main character in whatever social scene he’s in. He’s a techno junkie. He has a lot of gear. Gear that Trinity hacks into with her ability to manipulate reality in such ways. She’s not just hacking into his computer, she’s hacking into his dream current. More on this in a bit. Then Tom’s friends show up. However, these are not really his friends. One of them, Troy, is a client of his, who pays him a lot of money for whatever is on the MiniDisc Tom sells him. Tom keeps the chain on the door because… a) He does not know Troy all that well, and… b) Troy is two hours late and did not call Tom to inform him that he would be late, or with an explanation as to why he’s late. Troy could be with people who might try to rob Tom or hurt him. When Tom opens his door, we see that he lives in apartment 101. This implies that Tom is a entry level being. He knows nothing of the world that is not projected at him by the Fallacy of a Finite Existence. He is an Atheist. He is about to begin his Actuality schooling. Troy and pals are obviously in league with Trinity. Du Jour sports the white rabbit tattoo, referred to in Trinity’s message, that gets Tom to go out to the club where Trinity is waiting for him. Trinity is Tom’s continuity itinerary organizer. Tom is living in a reality that has been largely orchestrated by her. “Trinity” being a veiled reference to the Catholic concept of God. God has been protecting Tom from the world of psychic vampires and other assorted dangers, in order for him to get to a point where he can fix the Universe. But Trinity is just the God of Tom’s microcosm universe. She has most likely been keeping tabs on him for a number of years… under orders from Morpheus. But for how long? More on this in a bit.
Tom is not at the club to have a good time. He has been trying to figure out the Universe for some time now and his presence at the club is a part of his personal agenda. It is his mission. His investigations have led him to Morpheus and his crew, who are waging a war against something called The Matrix. Something that Tom doesn’t really understand, but most likely feels is the control of information and the network of people who do said controlling. At the club, Tom just waits… for something. Trinity shows up and she just looks like the person that he should be talking to. She looks like a main character. They naturally gravitate towards one another. She calls him Neo, but it’s not really his name, it’s his handle. Perhaps Trinity has been lurking in the same IRC channels as Tom. Trinity gets right up into Tom’s personal space and talks right into his ear. A very intimate action. Tom lets her do this, because she is attractive enough to do such things and she knows it. She is also confident and non-threatening. Usually people do not do such things, but when a girl knows that a guy is into her, she can get away with doing things that most people cannot get away with doing. She is gambling in a way. She is betting that Tom finds her attractive and that he won’t reel away from her, like she was some weido club chick. He actually seems to get ready for a kiss when she moves in, then realizes she’s just going to talk into his ear for secrecy (supposedly) and looks a bit flustered. She is messing with him a bit here. Showing off her ability to just do whatever. Then she splits. Hard to get.
The next day, Tom is late for work and his boss dresses him down a bit. His boss isn’t understanding or cool about Tom’s being late. He tells Tom that he has a problem with authority, and he does. Tom is doing something, outside of work, that is more important than anything else in existence. He is the epicenter of the spearhead of the progress of the evolution of the potential of existence. He has no boss. But he needs to pay the rent, so he works for Metacortex and plays the worker bee role. It doesn’t bother Tom that his boss is talking down to him, because to Tom work is like playing a video game. It’s not the real world. His work environment is pristine, not personalized in any way. A stark contrast from his apartment, which has a dense, lived in feel to it. Keeping his work area devoid of any evidence of his character helps Tom disassociate his work life from his actual life.
While Tom is at his desk, he appears to be doing nothing. His monitor is off, he’s just sitting there. It was obviously not important that Tom be at work on time, as he can just veg in front of a blank screen for an indeterminate amount of time.
After Tom gets taken into custody by the agents, he experiences some very strange things. His mouth disappears completely and a mechanical crustacean slips into his belly button. Afterwards, Tom wakes up in his bed, as if the entire experience at the police station was a dream. However, if Tom retraced the chronology of events leading up to his waking up in bed, he would find that the experience was actually a part of his waking existence continuity. This indicates that Tom is actually existing in the Dream World. His reality is a recreation of existence and it can be manipulated by the team of people running the simulation. Morpheus is one of these people. More on this in a bit.
When Tom is in the car with Trinity, Switch, and Apoch… Trinity tells Tom that he has been down the street they are on before. What she actually means is that Tom has done everything there is to do in the Fallacy of a Finite Existence. The configuration of existence that he was living in is flawed. It is incomplete and does not add up to anything that ultimately works. Tom lives in a world that mostly believes in Heaven. However, Tom knows, because he has thought about it for more than five minutes, that Heaven doesn’t pan out into anything that can actually work. He also knows that God, or Jesus, or anything or the sort does not exist. If there was a God, it would make itself known and it would or it would have some sort of influence over the Universe. A motivating hand. Tom detects no such hand. He sees a system of existence where people are born, they grow old, have children, then die. They do not come back. There is no perceivable working system of reincarnation, as there are multiple religions, all of which are fighting to be the one true religion, and a thing like reincarnation requires a standardized system in order to operate. As an Athiest, Tom most likely believes that without a brain, there is no means of processing information or existing, and that when people die, they are just gone forever. He is wrong, however, and he will figure this out in a bit. So, if Tom leaves the car, he will just be going back to the stalemate. He would just keep working to pay the rent, hooking up with random chicks (because marriage is a trap), and getting nowhere with the puzzle that he is trying to solve. Everyone else in his world acts as if they are completely sold on the Heaven scenario. He cannot live in such a world, and so he stays in the car with Trinity.
When Tom meets Morpheus, Morpheus comes off as a con artist. He jocks Tom’s shit a little too hard. He calls Tom “The One,” even though Tom does not understand anything, it seems. Morpheus has a rap. He presents himself as a “beyond person.” He dresses like some techno vampire and speaks in a similar fashion. It appears as if he has rehearsed his presentation.

The Pills
The pills that Morpheus presents Tom are symbolic. Taking the red pill equals Tom giving up his quest for an answer and putting his life, essentially, into Morpheus’ hands. The pills could contain any number of things, THC, LSD, cyanide, or even Morpheus’ semen. The semen is a part of a circle of belief that is a bit childish. There are some who believe(d) that if one were to swallow another person’s semen, the person swallowing the semen would become a slave to the person who is supplying the semen. Usually, the act of either being tricked or forced into swallowing someone elses semen casts a person below the person delivering the semen, in the power game. Some girls feel that if they swallow a guy’s come, they become connected to the person in a way, and are able to sense certain things about them. So, when Tom swallows the red pill, it could very well contain Morpheus’ semen, which would allow Morpheus to have so much control over Tom, that he is able to manipulate his Dream World simulation reality however he sees fit. Less nefarious contents of the red pill could be THC or LSD, which would distort Tom’s mind, or Dream World signal, to a point where Morpheus can use his powers to derail Tom from the default setting and take him on an adventure that will ultimately lead to his demise. The cyanide would kill Tom, sending him into a recreation of existence, in the exact position he died in, that Morpheus has created in the Dream World. One that Morpheus can exist in and manipulate with nigh omnipotence. Another way of looking at it, is that Tom is already dead at the beginning of the movie. A victim of sensory overload, perhaps. Tom’s death is rendered null as he is seamlessly spliced into a recreation of existence in the Dream World. This would explain how Trinity is able to orchestrate the whole computer takeover bit and the control over Tom’s pseudo friends (if she didn’t know them already), as well as how the Agents were able to make his mouth disappear, and the deal with the crustacean “bug.” After taking the pill, Tom and Morpheus move into another part of the apartment where there is a bunch of equipment. All of the equipment is just set dressing. Morpheus and his team don’t need any of it, as they are just using their mind powers to create all of things Tom will experience and perceive from now on.
Morpheus and his crew are like gods compared to Tom. They can create Dream World environments, they can create people, whatever. But Tom is messing up their game. He’s figuring out too much stuff. Stuff that Morpheus and his crew haven’t figured out yet, even though they are far more advanced in many ways. He’s also too good looking and too cool, and Morpheus does not like being second banana, so Tom has to go down. The whole song and dance about the machines is just a red herring, designed to throw Tom off the scent of the real Matrix, the Fallacy of a Finite Existence and the conspiracy to perpetuate said fallacy. More on this in a bit.
Tom, like Luke Skywalker, is told that existence is something that it isn’t. But within that world of bullshit, he is still able to do things that no one else can do. Tom is the new kid on the block and the entire real world/Matrix scenario is constructed by Morpheus in order to sweep Tom under the rug. Morpheus and his crew are threatened by Tom and his potential. They don’t want to have to split up the pie with some new hot shot. But Trinity is actually into him and feels that, with Tom, she can eclipse Morpheus as the master of the Dream World.
When Tom is killed at the end of the first movie, he comes right back to life. This occurs because there is no afterlife for him. Morpheus has configured the Dream World in a way where there is no future for Tom. He is trying to delete Tom from existence forever. Of course, this is impossible. Morpheus comes up with this elaborate rouse to get Tom to think that he is the One, so that he will face off against the Agents and be killed, leaving Morpheus the ultimate alpha male of the Universe. However, Tom turns out to actually be the One, the master motivator of existence… it’s last hope to continue in the face of Dream World assholes whose lust for power and control has lead to a monopolization of the Dream World, causing a cultural and creative entropy. After Morpheus runs out of ideas and existence succumbs completely to this cultural and creative entropy, everything resets to the last known good configuration… Tom being The One. So, Tom, being the only person that can actually progress existence forward, is resurrected, right at the exact point where he died and continues to motivate existence forward from that point, right where he left off. He is doing the work that is fixing the Universe. His afterlife is just a recreation of existence and he is spawned into it at the exact moment he died, giving off the illusion that he just came back to life. Then the previous continuity that he died in is scrapped and existence continues forward with Tom being some invincible character who’s able to do ridiculously impossible shit.
In the second film, Tom’s powers are reduced considerably from what they are at the end of the first film. He can’t jump into people and make them explode or fight Agents one handed. The excuse given by the filmmakers… “Upgrades.” However, he is still invincible and the master motivator of existence. This is recognized by quite a few people in Zion and they revere him as a deity. The old guard does not give up their power struggle so easily, though. The Oracle changes her game up a bit, still playing the role of the sage elder, but now she’s trying to write Tom out of existence. She works with Morpheus and The Architect to come up with a Plan B that changes the meaning of what “The One” is supposed to be.
“The One” means different things to different people… The Oracle… Morpheus… Tank… The term is vague enough for everyone to attach their own personal beliefs to what it is supposed to mean. The One to what? Make a deal with the machines to reset civilization? What is the purpose of this action? To perpetuate an cycle of ignorance that breeds hope for a victory that will never occur. In the first film, “The One” is loosely defined as being the person who will change everything forever… end the war between the humans and the machines, bringing about a perpetual state of peace and harmony. Morpheus and The Oracle seemed to have cooked this concept up in order to con Tom (and others like him) into facing off against The Agents and getting killed, thus being removed from the playing field. But when Tom actually turns out to be this thing that was only meant to be a means of making people lose, Morpheus and all of the other heavy hitters who were trying to take Tom out of the picture, have to alter their game. So, The Oracle comes up with some bullshit about how the purpose of The One is to sacrifice himself so that Zion can be saved. The new plan is to guilt Tom into sacrificing his life to save humanity. The Architect backs up The Oracle’s plan and tries to bullshit Tom into laying down and dying, but Tom sees right through The Architect’s lies and chooses to save Trinity instead of “doing the right thing.” Tank is most likely killed by Morpheus, since his idea of what The One was supposed to be did not include an eventual suicide. Trinity seems to be playing both sides… loyal to Morpheus, but also siding with Tom, as he does seem to be the real deal. Morpheus probably kills Tank in his sleep, blaming complications from his injuries.
At the end of the second film, while running from the Sentinels, after having evacuated the Nebuchadnezzar, Tom realizes a number of things. He realizes that The Real World operates in a similar fashion to The Matrix… that human existence is all there is, that he genuinely is what is keeping it all going, that there is no higher power than that of the person who understands how everything works and what is needed for it all to continue forward forever. What Tom figured out in the hallway, after getting killed, is known by the Sentinels. If he is killed, it would all just keep going, until the sun goes super nova, destroying all of existence, then everything would start over again and just get to the exact point where Tom was killed again. Tom is the only thing that is keeping the Universe from succumbing to entropy. It is as if the continuity of existence that does not include Tom being invincible has all already played itself out countless times, and his continuity as The One, or God, is the only one that is destined to continue perpetually forever. So, the Sentinels are unable to kill him, because The Real World is also a Matrix world of sorts, governed by the Spirit World, and the Spirit World knows that Tom is the only thing that is stopping the entropy of eternal reoccurance. Tom uses his terminal to convey his importance to the Spirit World, or The Infinite, which is able to manipulate The Real World in a similar (but much different) way Tom is able to manipulate The Matrix, and the Sentinels are fried on the spot, preventing an eternally looping dead end existence. So, Tom uses the Force to manipulate and distort the laws of the Matrix, then realizes that the same mechanics of said manipulation and distortion allow him to communicate with the Force in The Real World, which allows him to use a sort of controlled luck to shuffle and cut infinite mirror worlds in order to create a continuity where all of the pursuing Sentinels’ warranties expired right before coming within killing range.
The Matrix is supposed to just be a representation of a previous era of existence, but it is actually a perfect duplicate of existence. The machines figured out how to create existence. The Matrix is what is real to Tom. On his first trip to see The Oracle, Tom sees a noodle place that he used to go to before joining Morpheus and his crew, and it pains him to think of it as being nothing more than an illusion. The Matrix is actually real, though. Tom has just been fooled into thinking that it isn’t by Morpheus’s bullshit and control over the Dream World. Tom is already existing in a simulation Universe when we are first introduced to him. He is already dead, in a way, at the point of his being contacted by Trinity, and existence has gone into a sort of contest mode. Morpheus is writing existence from that point on, up until Tom dies at the end of the third film. This “ultimate” end does not pan out, however, as Tom is the only person that can carry existence forward. If there is ever a fourth movie, it would have to begin with Tom waking up at his desk, at the exact moment Trinity contacted him. He would retain a full memory of the events that had just transpired, but Morpheus and his crew would not have the level of control or abilities that they once had. Tom would understand that the whole Matrix storyline was just some fantasy garbage, and his new mission in life would be to figure out how to create a working system of reincarnation, turn the Dream World into an MMORPG type networking system (this requires that a hub that interconnects all Dream World environments be created and all religions be dissolved into a standardized system, ruled by Tom), and also cease the aging process (if such a thing is desired). Tom would most likely stay away from Trinity and Morpheus, as they are just a couple of psychic vampires who tried to fuck him out of his rightful continuity as savior (and master) of the Universe.

The Agents
The system that people are hardwired to is a metaphor for the pre-existing systems of deity worship… a belief in a template character as being God. Believing in a template character as one’s ultimate controller of one’s fate is a crucial flaw in a person’s terminal security. The easiest example is Christianity. Christianity centers around a belief that Jesus Christ, or Yeshua Ben Yosef (as they are calling him these days) is God. This character is easily impersonated by countless spiritworld criminals, enabling them to crash one’s terminal and do with them what they will. People who believe in Christ, or Jehova, or Buddha, or whoever, are all susceptible to these invasions. Jehova, Christ, and Buddha (as well as all other deities), are all characters that have a template that one needs to adhere to in order to assume said characters… much like how Ronald McDonald is a character that is assumed by donning a costume, wig, and make-up, and acting in a jovial manner. There’s a bit more to it (a loaded audience of vouchers, etc) but a team of criminals can easily pass themselves off as Jesus, or whoever people believe the God of their religion is, and possess any member of any religion and operate as that person, either casting the person into a dream state and puppeting their unconscious bodies around, or by forcing them to act according to their wishes by utilizing zombie, or slave, conditioning techniques. This technology was the basis for the Project Monarch mind control program (which is now defunct). So, Tom is already “unplugged” before Trinity finds him, as he is obviously an Atheist.

The Merovingian
The Merovingian is a template character that represents a person that has their shit together… seemingly. The Merovingian types seem to be nigh omnipotent beings, however, they are just advanced slaves. The Merovingian runs off of borrowed power. He has made deals with all of the major religions to do their bidding in exchange for the illusion of power. Like some sort of poster boy for indentured servitude. Most likely, in every scene The Merovingian is not in, he is shoveling shit in Hell.

Instant Killer
When Tom goes back into the Matrix to save Morpheus, he suddenly becomes a super cool, stone faced killer. This change can be detected as soon as Tom says, “Guns… lots of guns.” Tom goes from wide-eyed observer, who misses his favorite noodle stand, to a seasoned war-time commando. When he starts killing the security guards in the building Morpheus is being held in, it is as if he has been killing people for quite some time. He has either forgotten that these people are men trying to put food on the table for their families, merely thinking them to be video game bad guys, or he has downloaded the experience of Dirty Harry or Tequila from Hard-Boiled into his brain, in the same way that he “learned” kung-fu. The security guards could have been subdued with sleeping gas, or stun grenades and traquilizer darts. Only the SWAT officers needed to be shot at with bullets, as they are heavily armored with gas masks. A very sloppy operation.

The Oracle, The Architect, The Merovingian, Rama Kandra, his wife Kamala, and their daughter Sati (as well as Seraph and many other minor characters) are referred to as being “Programs.” However, they are actually people just like Tom, they’re just seasoned bullshit artists. The fact that they are very old implies that they are formerly alive people who have grown to be what they are over a multitude of years. They are all working to prevent Tom from becoming God.

Agent Smith's Deja Vu
Right before Agent Smith kills Tom at the end of the third movie, he experiences a bit of déjà vu. This occurs because this is a possible reset point where an eternally reoccurring loop would form. The scenario is one that has occurred already, countless times. Simulations have been run by people, it is a known dead end continuity scenario. Tom knows this (all the thinking he did) and let’s Agent Smith kill him, ending his continuity in Morpheus’ Dream World simulation tangent, which would send him back to his desk in his apartment, right before Trinity hacks his computer. Just like Flynn coming back into the real world after jumping into the MCP at the end of Tron.

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smith/neo musicvideo [20 Sep 2011|10:19am]

"I want to tear you apart" By She wants revange

Panic!Neo is so cute!!

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Greg VS The Psychic Vamps [22 Jun 2011|08:14pm]


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Tango [24 Apr 2011|11:42am]

Hello everyone!
This is my first attempt at a music video, and I want share it with you
from Russia with love :gigi:

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[04 Sep 2010|04:48pm]


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Neo/Smith [29 Aug 2010|06:29pm]



Does anyone have 'Lethe by ironical jester' saved? and would be willing to send it my way?

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Hi! [25 Jul 2010|02:55pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Hi there guys!
Well I've been lurking for a few days and thought I would join the party- hope you don't mind me gate crashing! I was told to always bring something to a party and so I have a little ficlet to share with you all, but first I'll introduce myself.
I'm Tia, I'm 17, I'm from the UK (beware British spelling! :P) and I'm very new to the Matrix. Very very new- as in I only saw it for the first time this week. There is a reason- my siblings are younger than me, so viewing has to be family friendly... *rolls eyes* (That's not fair, most good stuff is, but still...) So I have only seen the first movie, but I've read enough fic to know enough spoilers for the plot bunny to be born and cause this fic.
Anywho, I shall stop babbling and present to you my first Matrix fic (and my first explicit fic O.O)...

Title: Sensation
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Neo/Smith/Smith/Smith/Smith/Smith etc
Summary: Hands everywhere, every inch of him caressed by evil

Read more...Collapse )

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Hiya... [23 Jan 2010|08:34pm]

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I happen to be a suspicious lurker who has been here many a time before... (yes, I know that is somewhat creepy...) and I am aware I am a few years too late... but this pairing really intrigues me, so I decided to be brave and join.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything to offer at this point (fanfiction, etc...), and I'm not sure if I ever will, so this is just... hi. :)


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*waves* [17 Jan 2010|05:20pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello everyone!  I'm Amelia, but everyone calls me Mel.  (heck, there aren't really a lot of good nicknames for Amelia...)  I've been lurking for a while, but only recently gathered the pluck to post.  I'm, as usual, a decade behind the times, since it was only October of last year when I watched the Matrix for the first time.  I instantly fell in love with the movies, and with the pairing of Smith and Neo.  (And Hugo Weaving too, but that's another story....)

Anyhoo, I come bearing a little giftie to try and breathe some life back into the community.  Behold the very silly love child of my insanity and procrastination!

(just change the hxxp to http)
Also, there's like a minute of nothing at the end... I'm very sorry.

And now, I have a teeny request: I've heard wonderful things about the story Sentient... unfortunately, when I found the entry here, it said I couldn't access it. :(  Does anyone have a copy they could send me, please?

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[27 Jun 2009|10:39pm]

[ mood | amused ]

helloes, i'm kind of new here (not with the pairing though) ~

just thought that maybe people here would enjoy THIS entry of mine :3

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Fic: Interlude [10 Feb 2009|07:57pm]

Title: Interlude
Rating: 15 at most for some abysmal language.
Length: 1,239 words.
Status: Complete.

Notes: Slots in in the first movie, between Neo being invited out by Choi and meeting Trinity at the club. Mainly inspired when listening to Marilyn Manson's Rock is Dead and Dragula by Rob Zombie. Oh, and Leave You Far Behind by Lunatic Calm. All of these on the Matrix soundtrack.

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