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Hi there guys!
Well I've been lurking for a few days and thought I would join the party- hope you don't mind me gate crashing! I was told to always bring something to a party and so I have a little ficlet to share with you all, but first I'll introduce myself.
I'm Tia, I'm 17, I'm from the UK (beware British spelling! :P) and I'm very new to the Matrix. Very very new- as in I only saw it for the first time this week. There is a reason- my siblings are younger than me, so viewing has to be family friendly... *rolls eyes* (That's not fair, most good stuff is, but still...) So I have only seen the first movie, but I've read enough fic to know enough spoilers for the plot bunny to be born and cause this fic.
Anywho, I shall stop babbling and present to you my first Matrix fic (and my first explicit fic O.O)...

Title: Sensation
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Neo/Smith/Smith/Smith/Smith/Smith etc
Summary: Hands everywhere, every inch of him caressed by evil

He should stop this. This filling and surrounding, stroking, squeezing, licking, pinching. Hands everywhere, every inch of him caressed by evil. But how could evil feel so good? He’d anticipated pain, but the burning throbbing ache only matched his empty, needy centre. He would never speak of this. Not for fear of the opinions of others, but the lack of words- to say he was being fucked did not, could not, describe this. The word is too soulless to explain this drowning in sensation, of ghosting hands and mouths, causing pleasure all over, in previously unremarkable places. One would consider a cock in your ass to be a focus point, but with one in his mouth, and hands, mouths, tongues, fingers everywhere, he ceases to resist. Here, in the unreal world, he can surrender himself to the sensations of one man as many.

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