The First Church of Smith and Neo

Where man and machine collide...over and over and over...

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Do you hear that, Mister Anderson?

That is the sound of inevitability.

This is a community for those who have an interest in slashing Agent Smith and Neo - or, if you prefer, Mister Anderson - from "The Matrix" and its various sequels, supplements, and offshoots.

We welcome fanfiction of all ratings and varieties, pictures and fanart, discussions, random gushing - whatever you'd like, so long as it has to do with Smith and Neo together...and preferably in flagrante.

Just a note on the gushing bit: while we do, as I said, welcome it, we ask that you not dump copious amounts of fandumb into the fandom. Also, let's keep this friendly, shall we? Show common courtesy to other members; sarcasm and teasing is allowed, but please don't take it too far. Outright rudeness will not be tolerated; if you vehemently disagree with someone or dislike them, I ask that you practice restraint in your dealings with them. And please, please, please try to type like you have some knowledge of the English language - none of this "u" for "you" or "r" for "are", or any of that nonesense. It just looks silly.

Other than those, just use common sense, and we should all get along just fine. If you have any questions, please e-mail the moderator.

Come join us! You know you want to...

High Priestess of Smith/Neo (aka your friendly neighborhood moderator): surichan
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